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18 Summer Self-Care Ideas

I know summer can be scary and stressful for some mothers, i.e. no school = no childcare (the horror!). As a result, you may feel tempted to fill your schedules with summer camps and activities. But summer can also be a great time to slow down and unwind, relax around schedules, stop the usual routine of rushing from one after-school activity to the next, and enjoy the long summer days with your family and friends outdoors.

So while we make sure our kids are entertained and have a great summer holiday, let's not forget to look after ourselves and make time for our self-care. In this post, I'll share some simple summer self-care ideas for you to explore. Most of them cost nothing but they will make a big impact on how you feel.

  1. Eat fresher foods- Healthy eating is easier when the weather is warm: your body craves lighter foods. Enjoy all the colourful fruits and vegetables at the moment. Try out new summer recipes and turn up the grill!

  2. Eat outside- Plan a lunch date with your partner or girlfriends, and enjoy dining al-fresco. Or have your meals on your balcony or in the garden.

  3. Purchase a high-quality SPF- Invest in a good quality sunscreen to protect your skin this summer. Choose organic, sustainable sunscreens if you can.

  4. Read outdoors- Set up a cosy spot outside on your balcony or garden, grab a cool drink and catch up on your reading. Or go to the pool, lake or sea. Download your book on your phone or Kindle, so you watch the kids and read simultaneously.

  5. Take a nap - Hang a hammock in your garden or set a lounge chair outside in a shady spot and take a nice summer nap outdoors. Say yes to more naps this summer!

  6. Go for a walk/ hike. Take a walk in the mornings or evenings to clear your head and get fresh air. You can also grab a friend or your partner and get your exercise in while catching up.

  7. Declutter one small space- Spend a day organizing your home office, donating clothes you don't wear, optimizing your kitchen space, having an organized, clean, and happy home. It will help you enjoy the warmer months and boost your mood.

  8. Start or continue a journal. Buy a beautiful journal and start journaling. Writing can be a therapeutic way to express how you feel, check in with your emotions and record memories.

  9. Reconnect with someone. Have a video call with your friend or family you haven't connected in a while.

  10. Do a DIY at-home spa day. Make your own DIY scrubs with ingredients from your kitchen. Check out some face masks, hair mask, foot scrubs recipes. Light up some candles and enjoy a day pampering yourself from head to toe.

  11. Switch up your workouts. Consider taking your exercises or yoga outdoors: bring your mat and do sun salutations at the park, or go for a jog instead of going to the gym. Summer is also a great time to try a new workout you've never done before: go for a hike, try an outdoor class, or stand up paddle.

  12. Go on a ladies trip- Take a couple of days off with your mama friends. Go on a spontaneous, no-destination road trip, and see where you end up.

  13. Reduce screen time- Commit to going screen-free for at least a couple of hours every week, or even a tiny amount of time every day. Go on a hike, read a book, or go on a picnic with friends. No matter how you choose to spend your tech-free time, put down your phone, close your laptop, and turn off the TV to enjoy the screen-free time.

  14. Go on a social media break- Log out of all your social media accounts for the week and practise being present and connect with your partner, kids and family.

  15. Dance this summer - Put together a fun summer playlist and dance with your kids or just by yourself. Express yourself through the music and dance your heart away.

  16. Book a massage- Time to pamper yourself and get a massage to keep your lymphatic system going.

  17. Get a pedicure- When was the last time you had a pedicure? Give your feet some TLC and get your nails painted in a bright summery colour.

  18. Meditate- Spend a couple of minutes to just sit still and observe your breath. Learn to pause and come back to paying attention to your body. What insights will you have?

I hope you try some of these self-care ideas. Let me know in the comment below what you think and which ones you will try this summer.

Remember, your needs come first.

If you struggle with self-care and don't know where to start, book a discovery call with me and we can discuss how I can support you.

With love,

Marisa x



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