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7 Ways To Welcome Spring

Friends, do you feel the change in the air?

The days are getting longer. Blue cloudless skies and sunny days are here. Bees started flying around our garden the other day, and flowers bloom everywhere. Finally, the long, dark winter days are over! Everything is starting to wake up from the winter slumber- animals stir, nature is blossoming.

I love Spring! It is, without a doubt, one of my favourite seasons. Spring brings me the feeling of new hope and a boost of energy. We can finally stay outdoors longer and enjoy the sun! My family and I have been biking on the weekends and spending time in nature, forest bathing and playing sports at the park.

Spring brings me the feeling of new hope and a boost of energy. We can finally stay outside longer and enjoy the sun! My family and I have been biking more on the weekends and spending time in nature. I cannot wait for the hiking season to begin and take my family to the mountains again!

There are so many ways to welcome Spring I thought I share some ideas. Here are seven ways:

1. Do a cleanse

Spring is an excellent time to cleanse our bodies, clear our toxins and restart our system. It means leaving behind the heaviness of grounding foods in winter and embracing all things light and fresh. For example, I usually do a ten-day green smoothie cleanse with two green smoothies- one for breakfast and one for lunch and eat a healthy dinner with protein, complex carbs and lots of vegetables.

You can also try an Ayurvedic cleanse of eating kitchari- it is a unique blend of cooked lentils, rice and spices that you eat for three meals over 3 to 7 days. (Note: Please consult your doctor before you do a cleanse, especially if you are on medication)

2. Eat Spring foods

When we are inherently attuned to the environment and eat the Spring foods that grow around us, they will make you feel nourished while gently cleansing and resetting your digestive and immune systems. Also, when you eat according to the season, the foods tastes much better and are more nutritious. Another plus point is that they are cheaper than when they are out of season.

My favourite Spring foods are asparagus, spinach, arugula, strawberries and radishes. You can enjoy them by making a green smoothie (with frozen banana, strawberries, spinach or kale), an arugula salad, strawberries with balsamic vinegar and oil, or a green pea and asparagus soup.

3. Move outdoors

Getting outdoors might be obvious, but it's time to dust off the bikes and take them out for a ride, take long walks, go on hikes, spend time in nature, look at the Spring flowers blossoming and soak in the much-needed Vitamin D.

You can also take your exercise routine outdoors, practice yoga or work out on your balcony. That way, you can enjoy the fresh Spring air and warm sun simultaneously. A win-win situation in my books! :)

4. Declutter your home

I don't know about you, but I feel like I always need to declutter every season. My kids grow out of their winter clothes and shoes. It's good to Spring declutter to get rid of the excess, so you have less to clean and dust. In addition, the decluttering process clears up more space and allows for more breathing room. I like to declutter one room per week, starting from my kitchen to the laundry room. We give away stuff, recycle or throw out things that no longer serve us. It always leaves me feeling lighter and less stressed when there are fewer things in the house.

5. Digital declutter

What is digital decluttering? In short, decluttering your digital space means clearing out your computer, phone, or tablet of all the apps and files you're no longer using. For example, I recently cleaned up the apps on my phone. I realized I hadn't been using some of them, and it was just sitting in a folder taking up space. So I also reorganized them into categories both on my phone and iPad. You can also clean up the photos and videos on your phone using an app called "Clean Up" it deletes duplicate images and finds the best quality photo to keep.

6. Spring clean using essential oils

Last month I had the privilege of being on an essential oils webinar by Lotte, the owner of Bloemegie. She talked about the harmful, toxic chemicals in household cleaning products and how bad they are for our health and the environment. She taught us that making our cleaning products using essential oils is simple, easy, and environmentally friendly. Besides that, your house will look clean and fresh, and the essential oils will make your home smell so good! Here's a simple recipe for an all-purpose cleaner:

20 drops of lemon

5 drops of peppermint

1 drop of Castille soap

16 oz of water

Add to a glass spray bottle and shake before use

7. Plant some seeds

April is when things start to get going in the garden. The soil is warming up, the risk of frost is much lower, and you can do lots of planting! So if you are keen to sow, grow and plant things this month, here are some ideas for what to plant in April.


The seeds are easy to grow and an ideal gardening project for children. You can plant them in flower pots and leave them on the balcony. Sunflowers are also fantastic for local wildlife, providing food for birds, bees and other pollinating insects.


If you have not already planted your tomato seeds, it is not too late. However, you need to provide heat for them to germinate; a greenhouse or windowsill indoors is excellent.


You can plant strawberries straight into the soil this month. But if you don't have much room, try growing them in containers or hanging baskets. Strawberries are hungry plants, so if possible, add some manure to the soil before planting.

8. Prepare your outdoor space

Now that the weather is warmer, it's time to prepare your balcony and terrace so you can sit outside, have a drink or two and enjoy the sunshine. Of course, you can also start enjoying your meals outdoors too. Make it extra cosy by decorating your outdoor space with plants, bright cushions, and tealight candles. Your kids can also do some drawing or colouring outside or play outdoors. Now is an excellent time for them to paint outdoors, so they don't dirty your furniture indoors.

What do you like about Spring? Which activity will you choose to do first?

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