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Those Tough Days

Hi friends,

Despite what you see on social media, my life in Switzerland is not all rainbows and unicorns. Most days are good, some days are "meh" and some days are tough.

The reality is that being a parent is a full-on life experience. No matter how much you read, watch or hear from other people. Nothing will prepare you for what you will face. There will be days where all your buttons will be pushed and you just lose your mind!

I consider myself quite a relaxed person but even then my patience run out every now and again. Sometimes I shout at my son especially when we are running late or if he doesn't listen. Sometimes I have to be rough with him to get his attention, I am not proud of it but I also don't want to lie here. Sometimes I break down and cry in front of my kids because at that moment, it is all too much to bear for one person. This is all part of motherhood.

Motherhood or parenthood is meant to be messy. It is loud, it is crazy and all that is NORMAL. What is not normal is the portrayal of motherhood as being always happy and perfect on social media. Social media is not reality. Let's be real here and share those tough days too.

This post is inspired by some of the conversations I had with mama friends. I hope by doing this we feel more normal when we feel like we don't have our shit together every single day. Perhaps through reading some of the incidents below, we can even laugh at the kind of moments we all have to go through as parents. We are only human and "messing" up is part of the deal.

We need to show our kids that having bad days are okay too. We just need to acknowledge it and let go of the tough moments. Because tomorrow is another chance to do your best.


Those tough days when you wake up and realize that you are sick. Your husband has to go to work or worse, your husband is away. You slightly panic, thinking to yourself, "F*ck! How am I going to get through the day with two kids?

Those tough days when your kids won't stop fighting. You sit on the floor holding one on each leg. It's midday, only six more hours before your husband gets home.

Those tough days when you had a long day and you want your kid to sleep so you can have some "me" time instead your kid refuses to sleep until 10pm.

Those tough days when the only adult person you spoken to the entire day was the postman or check-out lady at the supermarket.

Those tough days when you put your feet up on the sofa, about to chill and you realized that you have a basket of laundry to fold and another load that needs to put into the dryer.

Those tough days when you are brushing your teeth before going to bed and you realized you have not showered for the day.

Those tough days when mom guilt gets to you for letting your kids watch TV just so you can have a moment for yourself to drink a hot coffee.

Those tough days when you see friends on holiday on Instagram, you are stuck knee-deep in dirty laundry and your husband asks if he has any clean underwear.

Those tough days when you want to feel free and be yourself again to dance the night away but you can't because you are still breastfeeding.

Those tough days when you want to take the day off from cooking but your choices of delivery food in Switzerland is pizza or pizza.

Those tough days when you want to work on something for your business or study but your brain is just too tired to think.

Those tough days when you urgently have to take a shit and your kids just won't leave you alone in the bathroom.

Those tough days when you get your period, your lower back is hurting like hell and your baby wants to be picked up every freaking second.

Those tough days when you are trying to get dinner ready on time and your baby is holding onto to one of your legs like a koala, crying their eyes out.

This photo was taken one morning when my husband was on the toilet and they were both crying

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