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Stay Motivated To Move

I hate jogging! Yes, you heard me! I hate it. I don't like the way my head bobs up and down and how my feet lands hard on the ground.

Also, I hate going to the gym. I don't like the concept of people being indoors, parading themselves almost half naked working out, flexing their muscles and their toned bodies (Grrrrr!)

Running on a treadmill? I'm not a hamster on a wheel, thank you!

Spinning? Pedalling stationary like a deranged women, nah!

Lifting weights? I'm not training for Ironman!

OK, I admit, it is because looking at their all-so-fit bodies makes me feel bad about my not-so-toned body. Haha!

I was quite outdoorsy and sporty when I was younger. In primary school, I cycled almost every day. In secondary school, I was even in the netball team but after leaving school, like most people, I was never motivated enough to move unless you count dancing almost every weekend in a nightclub as exercise. :)

Now I do 20 minutes of yoga in the mornings every other day and I walk every day for at least 30 minutes. I love the outdoors- fresh air and nature. Yes please!!! It took me a while, 3 years in fact, to get to where I am.

I realised that in order for me to feel balanced, I need to move! It is in my body to move. I love dancing! Ask any of my friends. Since having a baby, it is even more important for my own sanity to move every day. The yoga in the mornings gives my body a nice, slow wake up call to start the day and nature walks in the late afternoon makes me happy.

Here are some ways I found that helped me to stay motivated to move:

1. Dress (and accessorize) for success

As superficial as it may seem, dressing up for your workout time is one of the fun ways to stay motivated. I wake up in the mornings and change into my yoga clothes. I have a pretty yoga mat that is already rolled out so once I step out of my bedroom, I see it and it is ready for me to start doing yoga (A useful tip that I learned from my friend Lorna). So go on, buy yourself a pair of funky yoga pants, some bold running shoes and nice work out accessories to start.

2. Find your own way to move

I really dislike the word "exercise" it makes it sound like a chore. I prefer the word "move". Just ask what yourself, what makes you happy to move your body? Do you like being outdoors, how about walking, jogging, cycling or stand up paddling? Do you like music, how about joining a Hip Hop or Zumba class? Do you like less intense movement, why not try yoga? Do you prefer high intensity workouts, how about boxing or Crossfit? There are so many different ways to move these days, you can even watch videos on YouTube to move in your own living room if you have limited time. Explore as many options until you find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

3. Find a buddy

Get your girlfriend, your neighbour or any of your family members to move with you! Chances are, you will be more motivated to move if you have a buddy. Go on walks or classes together. You can push each other when one of you starts making excuses not to move. Also, it is twice the fun when you have someone with you. Kick each other's butt to move!

4. Stop chasing perfection

You don't need to do things perfectly, you don't need to work out 5 times a week 30 minutes each time. There are days where I could not do yoga in the mornings but I don't give myself shit for it, I just get on the mat the next day. These days I even find myself sneaking a yoga practice in the afternoon when I missed my morning yoga. Let go of the "all or nothing" attitude. Don't let one slip up deter you from doing it the next day. Just keep going!

What do you think of the suggestions above? Leave a comment or share what your experiences are.

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