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⚡Do you feel overwhelmed or
burnt out*?

⚡Do you find it difficult to set boundaries?

⚡Are you overworking to prove yourself?

Maybe it's because you don't know how to ask
for and receive help.

If this resonates... read on.  

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There's a common thread that connects us all and drives many of our experiences. 

This invisible thread is woven into our psyche through Mother Wound, formed in early childhood.  

Feeling like you're not enough?
Can't connect to your authentic self?
Don't have time for yourself?
Feeling stuck and unmotivated?

Mother Wounds influence every area of your life, including the way you parent if you're a mother yourself

Speaking from my own experience, healing these wounds could be one of the most powerful things you ever do!

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More resilient in your life?
Confident to
be who you really are?
In love with yourself and
your life?
Able to proritize your own 

Do you want to feel...


If you're ready to cut the threads holding you back from being the woman you're meant to be,

book your free call, and let's get started. 


Laureen Pasqiuer

“Marisa helped me to focus on how to make my goals realistically achievable within my stay-at-home mum’s busy, demanding schedule and to allow myself to be imperfect and to be patient with reaching my goals."

Dee Stoneman

“Things were over the place, I certainly wasn't getting any balance in my life. After several sessions with Marisa, a lot of things change. First of all, rebalancing my priorities to ensure I had some "me" time."