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I was born and raised in Singapore but now live in Zurich, Switzerland with my husband and kids.


In 2016, I gave birth to my first child. I was thrown into motherhood with no family support.


I was so overwhelmed in my new role and I felt very frustrated during the first year of motherhood. I was a hot mess and I was so burnt out!

I realized I was giving so much and trying to be a perfect mother because of my childhood trauma. 

I grew up with an abusive and narcissistic mother, and I had internalized many negative core beliefs. 

Because I didn't reach a secure attachment with my mother, I was a people-pleaser who needed external validation, leading me to overwork and overgive.  


Over time, I recognise a pattern.

I either shut down or became passive-aggressive and lashed out at my husband and kids when I did not put my needs first. 


After surviving the first year of motherhood, I had enough of feeling crappy, and I tapped into my holistic health coaching experience and I started looking after my health and well-being again.


I went back to practising yoga, started meditating regularly and spent time outdoors in nature.

I looked after my needs and did things that filled my soul, like writing,  journaling, and dancing.


I feel calmer and more balanced in showing up for my family and friends



My aim is to help women unlearn their conditioning and internalized beliefs and

empower them to heal from their childhood trauma and step into their power. 


I am a qualified and certified Health Coach from the 

Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge

Health Coach Training Program. 


During my training, I studied a broad range of dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods, learning from some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.


My teachers include:

Dr Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine;

Dr Mark Hyman, a leader in the field of functional medicine;

Dr David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Geneen Roth, an expert on emotional eating. Deepak Chopra,

Gabby Bernstein, as well as many other leading experts and authorities

in their field. 

In 2021, I completed my Neuro-Linguistic Programming training and received my NLP and Time-Line Therapy Certification.

Helping my clients to unblock their subconscious minds and let go of

the trauma, phobias and limiting beliefs that they internalized

from their childhood. 

In 2023, I received my Trauma-Informed Certificate for Coaches 

from The Center for Healing. 


My in-depth education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in health coaching, psychology, mindfulness, meditation and mental health. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge, I will work closely with you to make healthy habits and important lifestyle changes that will produce

real and long-lasting results.

Book a free clarity call to see if we are a good fit!

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