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35 and feeling grateful!

Dear friends,

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday at the Swiss Alps with my family and it was an absolutely amazing experience!

It was raining when we left for our 3.5 hours drive to the Lochental, in the Canton of Wallis. My toddler slept while we drove in the rain, it was nice to sit up front with my husband. I missed sitting in front of the car, the view is so much better than the backseat.

Midway through the car journey, we took a coffee break at a quaint little village of Iseltwald as my son woke up from his nap. It was such a good decision to make a pitstop. I shared an Apfelkuchen (Apple cake) with my son, it was his first time eating cake that is not homemade.

After our coffee break, we decided to walk around the village. Moments after we stepped out, the clouds started to clear and the sun came out. It was a beautiful start to my birthday weekend!

After driving for another 1.5 hours, we finally arrived at our cute B&B in Lotschental. The sun was just beginning to set and I managed to take a few shots before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Our bedroom window looked out to lush green trees and the mountain. I felt very blessed to be so close to nature.

We had a nice birthday dinner together at the B&B's restaurant, unfortunately my phone was charging in the room so no food pics for once! Haha! I had a very delicious molten chocolate cake to end my birthday.

The next day, the sun was shining and we drove to the foot of Fafleralp. As we started walking towards the mountains, we were greeted by a cluster of super cute Swiss chalets. One of the chalets had a beautiful quote etched on the front of the house, it said something like, "If you want to know the wonders of God, head to the mountains".

The path started off easy but at some point, it was tough to push the stroller up the gravel path and we had forgotten our baby carrier at home. In the end, we decided to abandon the stroller midway and encouraged our toddler to walk as much as he could. This is him walking up the gravel path and exploring the terrain.

Once we arrived at the top, we were stunned! The view of the clear lake and snowy mountain top was breathtaking. This is the kind of scene you see in movies or postcards. I was in awe at Mother Nature's beauty. It was so worth the drive and the hike up!

We spent some time exploring the area but unfortunately we could not stay very long. My toddler started to whine as it was his naptime, it worked out ok because the sun was very strong at noon. We made our way down to the foot of the mountain and walked around the surrounding area while he slept in the stroller.

We made our way up a small hill and chanced upon some local Swiss cows, they were just enjoying the warm of the sun. They looked so serene and content.

Right next to the cows, there was a small pond and we decided to rest our feet. The scene was unbelievable! I found a spot near the lake and meditated on a rock in the ground. At that moment, I was full of appreciation and gratefulness to experience the Swiss Alps scenery with my family.

On our way back, we made an impromptu decision to visit Saas Fee where my husband used to go skiing as a young child. The resort town was touristy but very cute and being surrounded by the mountains is such a humbling experience.

I love the mountains, they have such a majestic and powerful presence. Every time I am at the mountains, I am reminded of just how small I am and not take myself or my ego too seriously.

There were a few good lessons I learned from our trip to the mountains:

1. Follow your intuition (always)

2. The Universe always provides

3. Abundance comes in many forms not just money, experience counts too.

Thank you for reading this post and supporting my health coaching journey!

To celebrate my birthday month, I am offering a 50% discount to my 3 months health coaching program. I already have one client signed up and I can only take on one more client. So kindly share this to your friends or loved ones! This offer is only valid till end of October 2017.

Much love, peace & light,

Marisa x

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