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Year end reflections

It is New Year's eve tomorrow, before we start the New Year, today is a particularly good time to reflect back on what happened and be grateful for all the things we have experienced. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is so easy for us to be busy and be carried away with the future, we always think or plan ahead.

I have a diary but I do not write in it every day (honestly who has time like that anymore), I only write when I feel like it which usually means at least once a month. Writing in my diary helps me pen my inner most thoughts and feelings down, once it is out on paper, I feel a sense of release.

Plus it helps me to reflect back on past events and learnings whenever I read my diary. Reflection on the past is not to an excuse to dwell on the past but serves as reminders to appreciate what we have, how to not do things in the future or which areas of our lives needs attention:

Spending more time with family?

Getting more work-life balance?

Looking after your health?

Craving time for yourself?

Working on doing what you love or loving what you do?

It is also important to reflect on what we are grateful for this year, below is my top 10 list:

1) I am grateful to marry a wonderful and supportive man, my husband Arnold

2) I am grateful to spend some time with family and friends in Singapore

3) I am grateful to have family time with my husband's family

4) I am grateful to spend some months in south of Spain and the new friends that I made

5) I am grateful to graduate as a holistic health coach and start my own practice

6) I am grateful to my husband, friends and family who are supporting me in my new career and giving me the opportunity to gain experience

7) I am grateful for friends who travelled from far to spend time with us

8) I am grateful to witness the beautiful sunsets, reminding me over and over again of life's beauty

9) I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother

10) I am most certainly grateful to be in good health and good spirits

What are you grateful for? Spend some quiet time today to reflect on your year and write it down somewhere.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring you good health, good opportunities and prosperity. Enjoy this time of the year with family and friends.


Marisa x

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