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5 mindful eating tips during this festive season

So it is Christmas and New Year's soon and most of us have started indulging in festive foods and drinks either at your company's year-end party, get together at house parties or your very own home!

I have indulged in roasted chestnuts, Berliners, grilled bratwursts, flamed salmon and gourmet coffee at the Christmas markets the last few weekends. I have a 80/20 eating guide that I usually adhere to and it makes my life easy and enjoyable. I never deny myself the occasional treat. I find that eating this way is much easier for me to balance out eating than being overtly strict on oneself. 80% of what I eat is whole foods, 20% leaves room for me to taste different kinds of food when I'm dining with friends or when travelling.

Mindful eating is not about being strict, it is to notice and become aware of how, why and what we are eating. That way we are less likely to eat unconsciously which sometimes may result in overeating or never feeling truly satisfied.

Here are some tips which I hope will be helpful to you during this festive period.

1. Pause- Before eating your meals, just take a moment to look at the food, smell it and appreciate the food that you are about to enjoy and taste.

2. Chew- It helps to slow you down, you will feel fuller and won't go for seconds immediately. Also, chewing helps you digest the food better when you do not wolf it down.

3. Balance- You can fill half of your plate with greens with your roast turkey or ham. Or eat a plate of green salad before the main course. Or have a glass of water in between drinks so pace yourself throughout the party.

4. Share- Share festive treats at the Christmas market with your friends, that way you get to taste more than eat more. Or instead of having an entire dessert on your own, consider sharing it with your friend or family member.

5. Relax- Have your cake and eat it! Don't be too hard on yourself, the last thing you want is to to judge yourself about eating and feel guilty. Enjoy this festive time to bond with your family and friends!

What do you think of the above tips? I would love to hear your comments.

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Happy holidays! :)

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