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My Intuition & Meditation Workshop experience with Kira Kay

Earlier this year, I had a Life Reading with Kira Kay. She is an Australian psychic, based in Berlin, she came highly recommended by my husband. He had readings with her before and he encouraged me to do one as well. I love Kira's energy and I was very blown away by her reading, it gave me clarity in my life path. So when she invited both of us to her intuition and meditation workshop, I was very keen to participate.

So at the end of August, my husband dropped me off at the three-day workshop outside of Berlin. It was held in ZEGG- Center for Experimental Cultural and Social Design, it says on their website that "it is an intentional community and an international conference centre developing and implementing practical models for a socially and ecologically sustainable way of living located south-west of Berlin, in Bad Belzig."

On the first night of the workshop, we had a very hearty vegetarian dinner cooked by the ZEGG community followed by a brief introduction to the workshop. Then we went into a deep Sound-Diving meditation session led by one of Kira's friend, Carlos. Sound-Diving uses the unique vibrations of crystal singing bowls to take you into deep relaxation of the body and mind. What happens is that our brain waves slows down to the alpha state which is the wave length we exhibit during sleep or deep meditation.

The next days of the workshop we started the mornings with gentle yin yoga to wake us up. Then we had full days of pair and group exercises that helped us practice trusting, listening and using our intuition. And after dinner, we had the Sound-Diving meditation to help us end the day on a gentle and relaxed mode.

On the last day of the workshop, we had a very impromptu exercise where we had to ask ourselves one question and use music to help us with the answer. One of the talented participants, Ulf, played a beautiful improvised piece using a cello and we were encouraged to move in the room along with the music. I distinctly remember that the first sounds coming out of the cello gave me goose bumps and I was thoroughly moved by vibrations of the music.

Since most participants are German and Kira only speaks English, there was a translator on sight. I was one of the only two other English-speaking participants so it was interesting to mingle and interact with the others. I have to say most people made me feel very included and welcome despite the language difference.

In conclusion, I learned that we all have the capability to tap into our intuition and it is not a special gift. However what happens is that we allow our preconceived thoughts and judgements to cloud our intuition. Have you ever met someone for the first time and had a gut feeling or vibe that the person is not right? That is our true innate intuition trying to warn us about that person.

I went into the workshop without any expectations other than to experience and learn and I was really impressed how much I got out of the workshop. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in exploring and expanding their own intuition. It will be held again around the end of August next year at ZEGG.

If you would like to learn more about Kira and her work, here's the link to her website:

If you like to understand more about Sound-Diving, here's the link to Carlos' website:

For more information on the workshop, here's the link to the ZEGG seminar page:

Left to Right: Nina, Kira, Katrin and myself

Photo credit: John McCourt

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