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I offer personal one-one coaching and group coaching sessions online

Clarity call


Not sure if coaching is right for you?
Let's have a no-obligation chat and answer any questions you have. 

Book a free no-obligation call to get to know each other.

We can discuss what you need and how I can support you.

It's a good way to try if coaching suits you. 

Stressed Woman
  • An initial consultation call to discuss how I can support you

    30 min


This is a personalized coaching program with a clear action plan. 

By the end of 12 weeks, you will feel less overwhelmed, less mom guilt, and more in control of your busy mom life. 


⚡YOU will have more energy and do things that invigorate you.


⚡YOU will have more patience and resilience to deal with tough days.


⚡YOU will feel calmer and less reactive towards your kids, partner and colleagues.

⚡YOU will feel more confident and move forward in life

⚡YOU feel more in touch with your true, authentic self

What is included:

  • 6 x 1-hour calls with me every two weeks

  • Support in between each coaching session

  • Goal setting with a weekly action plan

  • 1 x Neuro-Linguistic Programming session to help you remove your limiting beliefs

  • 1 x Neuro-Linguistic Programming session to help you anchor positive states of mind, e.g. confidence, calm, focus, motivated 

  • Mindfulness & relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety and stress

  • Tips & hacks to help you sustain habits

  • Invites to retreats, webinars and workshops

  • A Self-Care Guide

  • A Self-Compassion Journal

  • Handouts

Holding Hands

  • 1 hr

    165 Swiss francs
Image by Yanapi Senaud

Zurich Switzerland

“Marisa helped me to focus on how to make my goals realistically achievable within my stay-at-home mum’s busy, demanding schedule and to allow myself to be imperfect and to be patient with reaching my goals."

Lorrach, Germany

"Marisa is very attentive, motivating and gives competent useful and sensitive advice."

Emma, Singapore

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the beginning of the program is not to be too hard on myself. Being okay if I fail but most importantly, to get up and keep going. Celebrating the small achievements, no matter how little because at the end of the day, it all adds up to one massive goal.” 

Zurich, Switzerland

“I was guided step by step from the smallest steps, that normally one would not count as a goal but which were crucial in getting me to start moving to the bigger goal. Marisa supported me through all the stages, including personal problems that came up throughout the course and by always motivating me."

London,United Kingdom

“Marisa helped me understand what the depth of the issues are not as "superficial" as I thought. I needed to change and revise some core behaviours that are rooted in my personality.

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