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5 Holiday Stress Tips for Moms

I love this time of year! It's a beautiful season to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. However, it can also get pretty stressful and exhausting for mothers to make the holidays perfect for the family.

The pressure on mothers to create the perfect Christmas is intense. Motherhood is already stressful, but the holidays bring so many additional stressors. There are so many ways the holidays increase our stress levels from overpacked schedules, high expectations, and financial constraints.

Then there's the long to-do list- decorating, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, cards to send, cookies to bake, food to prepare before the celebrations, logistics of travelling back home or hosting people.

Furthermore, there's also added anxiety and stress of overeating and feeling guilty after the festive season.

That is why I want to share five simple tips with you to enjoy the holidays.

1. Ditch the diet

Yes, you heard me! I know I'm a health coach, and I should advocate healthy eating, but it is not healthy when you stress about what to eat and whether you are making the right choices during the holidays. So instead, be fully present and eat what you want. Listen to your bodies cravings, hunger and fullness cues. It's the holidays anyway, and you deserve to be relaxed and happy. :)

2. Prepare early

Starting early means you have more time to do what brings you joy. For example, make a list of things you need to get and shop before the holidays to avoid getting stressed when you run out of groceries. Then, freeze what you can ahead of time.

Also, buy gifts in advance or buy them throughout the year instead of at the last minute. This way, you will save yourself from panicking and having to get so much done just before the holidays.

3. Keep it simple

You can quickly lose sight of the magic of the holiday season with so much to do during December. Learn to prioritize what is essential and simplify your to-do list. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What's important to you?

  • What brings you more joy?

  • What do you have the most fun doing?

  • What can you skip?

Decoration- Decorating the house with young kids can be a pain in the butt, maybe cutting back on the decor to save time and possibly your sanity. Reuse what you have and don't buy more decorations.

Food- Serve something simple or something where people can make their food. In our family, we like raclette for this reason. Everyone makes their portion and customizes it to their liking. Also, it's a social thing where everyone can pause and chat while waiting for their food to cook.

Gifts- Decreasing the number of gifts you have to buy can save both time and money. Fewer gifts don't have to equal less fun. It could be as simple as one present per kid.

4. Aim for fun, not perfection

Look, our kids won't care if the presents are perfectly-wrapped. Or if the tree is well-decorated. Or if you made all the food from scratch. You don't have to wear yourself out by doing everything perfectly. Remember, it's time you spend with your family and friend that counts at the end of the day. Not the presents, not the decor, not the homemade cookies. Have fun with the family and let the small things go.

5. Ask for help

  • Get your kids to decorate the tree with you, okay, so it won't be perfect, but who cares? You and your family had fun!

  • Get your family involved in the food prep or order your food from a restaurant. Whatever makes your life a wee bit easier is a big win!

  • Need a break from the kids? Get your partner to look after them or stick them in front of the TV and have a coffee yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful—comment in the section below. I love to hear what you think.

Have a lovely time with your family this festive season!

Much love,


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