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This is a safe space and community for mothers to connect. 


Our mission is to connect mothers looking for support, make new friends and learn from each other.

You will also get accountability to work on your self-care.

Connect and thrive with other mothers

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding journey but let's be real here.

There are moments when things get challenging and feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Add in the fact that we are away from family and lack of support, it can all be too much to handle! 

But you don't have to feel like you are alone. 

Would you like to have real, honest conversations and common concerns about motherhood?

How to...

  • ... find time for self-care?

  • ... set healthy boundaries?

  • ... be a conscious parent? 

  • ... boost your family's immunity? 

  • ... stay calm and stop yelling at your kids?

  • ... feed your family healthy meals?

  • ... find intimacy after kids?

  • ... get back to work without guilt? 

In our mom circle, you will walk away with support, insights, and resources to help you thrive as a mother. You will feel seen, heard and energized.


But, most importantly, you will have a circle of amazing mothers to help you through the somewhat scary and overwhelming yet equally magical motherhood and beyond. 


Nikka Claassens

My heart is full, I feel connected with other mothers, connected with myself- and inspired.

Sometimes a magic person wonders into your life- this is how it feels with Marisa. Gentle, kind, fierce, insightful and inspiring.


With enormous wisdom, experience and intuition, Marisa is a powerful coach who can hold space, creating an intimate and authentic place to truly be, truly grow

ziza_profile pic.jpg

Tengku Norahziza Muller

I attended Marisa's circle and enjoyed my time.

Marisa is calm, honest and respectful. She fully knew her stuff, with a relaxed and fun personality!


I would really recommend her mom circle.

How does it work?


Become part of the Reset Mama Circle with a membership of

CHF 29/ USD 30 per month. You can cancel anytime.


We will meet online every two weeks on Tuesdays at 10 am CEST via Zoom.
Each session lasts one hour. We start again on 13 September 2022.


We talk about real honest motherhood and share our challenges.
Everything we talk about during the circle stays in the circle, it will not be recorded. 


Every month a guest speaker will talk about a topic related to motherhood and answer any questions you have. If you can't attend that day, please do not worry. A recording will be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are the calls?

  • Each session lasts one hour. 


2. Where are the calls held?

  • We will be using Zoom. A link will be sent to your email the day before. 


3. What if I cannot attend a session?

  • If you can't attend the expert talk, I'll send you a recording the next day and any resources given by the expert.

  • Unfortunately, I will not record the sharing session to protect what the members share. 


4. Do I have to pay for the times I do not attend?

  • Yes, it is a membership plan which encourages you to show up to the calls. However, you can cancel the membership at anytime. 


5. What if I no longer want to join the circle?

  • You can write an email to Marisa at ms@marisasim, and she will cancel your plan from the next month. 

Guest Speakers Line-up

Angie is a qualified antenatal teacher and postnatal facilitator, and holds a licence to practice with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), UK. 

She supports expectant and new mothers in Zurich through her organisation, Newborn Mums and strongly focuses on encouraging emotional wellbeing in all parents.


Ilana is the founder of Mindful Money Coaching, helping women and women in business unblock their limiting money beliefs and increase their Magician Archetype. She believes we don’t have money problems, but personal money issues that show up in our life, work and business.


Mireille is a functional medicine and nutrition coach. She specializes in supporting men and women who struggle with immune system dysfunction, particularly skin issues like chronic urticaria and eczema, allergies and asthma, and autoimmune.


Erin is the founder of Gilly, an intimacy app for couples with kids who want to feel like the lovers they know they are. She holds a Masters of Science in Medicine in Sexual Health Counseling from the University of Sydney and is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living.