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Do you have Mother Wound? You are not alone! Register here today!

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Welcome to Wounds to Wisdom Circle:
Your Sanctuary for Healing, Empowerment,
and Connection 

  • Are you navigating the complexities of a challenging relationship with your mother or mother figure? 

  • Do whispers of self-doubt, questioning your worth, perfection, and success, often echo in your mind? 

  • Do you find yourself feeling isolated, convinced that no one truly understands? 

You are not alone!

Hello, I'm Marisa, a trauma-informed coach,

and I carry the imprint of the Mother Wound.


Raised in a conservative and strict family with a mother who was a tiger mom, emotional availability was a luxury I rarely experienced. For the longest time,

I believed I was one of the few women with this unique wound, isolated in my struggle. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the book "Mother Hunger"

that an 'aha' moment liberated me from solitude.


Suddenly, a weight lifted, and I felt seen and understood. 


The daily struggles, challenges and emotional turmoil that you face from not having a supportive mother or mother figure to encourage you and lift you up from the depths of feeling not good, lovable or worthy enough. Your inner critic, anxiety and frustrations you face debilitate your success, growth, and authenticity. I know this all too well. 

It is my mission to connect women with mother wound because I know how lonely it feels to have no one around you that understands what you are going through.


“Marisa listens non-judgementally and gives you new direction and ways to improve. I was taking many different therapies but her coaching helped me the most to be positive and keep trying. "



1. Monthly Live Calls:

Join me for intimate live sessions, delving into your questions, challenges, and victories. These calls are your opportunity to connect, receive personalized coaching, and gain insights into your unique healing journey.


2. Workshops & Sharing Circles:

Immerse yourself in transformative workshops covering crucial topics like self-acceptance, self-worth, confidence, reparenting, nervous system regulation, mindset, and body positivity. Engage in supportive sharing circles where your voice is not just heard but valued and celebrated. 


3. Community Connection:

Connect with like-minded women who understand and appreciate the depth of your experiences. This community is your haven, where growth and authentic connections flourish through support and connection. 

What will you gain?

Healing from Childhood Trauma:

Learn trauma-informed techniques and tools to navigate and heal from your past, regulate your nervous system and transform your wound into a source of resilience and strength. 


Step Into Your Authentic Power:

Discover and embrace the power within you to exercise agency, set healthy boundaries, and allow your true self to shine without reservation.


Monthly Support and Guidance:

Benefit from ongoing support with our live calls, workshops, and sharing circles, ensuring your growth is consistent and sustainable.

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