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Reset Mama Circle is a safe space and community

for new mothers and mothers with young kids to connect. 

Our mission is to connect mothers looking for support, make new friends and learn from each other.

As we gather, we will also focus on cultivating

self-care, self-love and self-compassion. 

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Connect and thrive with other mothers

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding journey but let's be real here.

There are moments when things get challenging and feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Add in the fact that we are away from family and lack support; it can all be too much to handle! 

But you don't have to feel like you are alone. 

This circle is for mothers who are...

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Not feeling good enough

  • Struggling to cope with their new identity

  • Finding it hard to be patient

  • Feeling mom guilt

  • Exhausted and don't know how to start their self-care routine

Emi, Stay-at-home-mom

“I enjoyed listening and sharing with other moms.
The guest talks were nice, especially the self-love talk.
I also liked the self-care accountability to make time to do things that made me happy. 
Marisa listens non-judgementally and gives you new direction and ways to improve. I was taking many different therapies but her coaching helped me the most to be positive and keep trying. "

Petra Deak, Working Mom

"I really wanted to be part of the circle because it is wonderful support system for new mothers. I asked around and this circle is the only one in Zurich.
I think you had a great idea to create this circle. I really enjoyed the safe space but also the organized approach. Thank you Marisa! "


In our mom circle, you will walk away with support, insights, and resources to help you thrive as a mother. You will feel seen, heard and energized.

Our monthly expert talks allow you to learn and ask questions. 


But, most importantly, you will have a circle of amazing mothers to help you through the somewhat scary and overwhelming yet equally magical motherhood and beyond. 


Nikka Claassens

My heart is full, I feel connected with other mothers, connected with myself- and inspired.

Sometimes a magic person wonders into your life- this is how it feels with Marisa. Gentle, kind, fierce, insightful and inspiring.


With enormous wisdom, experience and intuition, Marisa is a powerful coach who can hold space, creating an intimate and authentic place to truly be, truly grow

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Tengku Norazizah Muller

I attended Marisa's circle and enjoyed my time.

Marisa is calm, honest and respectful. She fully knew her stuff, with a relaxed and fun personality!


I highly recommend her mom circle.

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Vanae Van Wiegel

The "expert talks" are something I looked forward to the most in the Reset Mom Circle.


It was always interesting! Whether it's exploring money mindset, intimacy, or nutrition.


Marisa and the experts held the space for vulnerable sharing, and it was a lively discussion.

How does it work?


Become part of the Reset Mama Circle community with a membership of 

CHF 39 per month (bi-weekly meet ups) You can cancel anytime. 


Your choice of weekly meet ups online on Tuesdays, 10.00 or bi-weekly
meet-ups 20.00 CET. 
Each session lasts one hour. 


Monthly guest speakers talks about a topic related to motherhood or personal development and answer any questions you have.
If you can't attend that day, please do not worry. A recording will be sent to you.

Hi, I'm Marisa

I'm a holistic health coach for mothers, the creator of Reset Mama Circle and a mother of two kids. 


Motherhood is not always easy, and we tend to neglect our need to be the perfect mom. (Pssst, here's a secret, there are no perfect mothers!) Learn how to be good enough and thrive! 

I'll help you to reclaim your well-being and renew your spirit by helping you with your mindset. You'll gain more energy and do what makes you happy. 

Guest Speakers Line-up

Nikka Claasens has been a homeschool mother of two incredible boys for 14 years. She is passionate about child development, has run a Steiner-inspired toddler group for two years, and traveled to Hungary to study at the Loczy level 1 and 2 Pikler courses. She is a trained Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and an expert in Essential Oils. 

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Vanae Van Wiegel is the creator of the Beyond Boundaries podcast (launching in January 2023), capturing lessons and stories of the 50+ women she interviewed about their boundaries. She is a certified coach of 15+ years and has a Master's in Psychology. Vanae's goal is to help create emotionally healthier generations through self-awareness.

Astuti Martosudirdjo.png

As a Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer and Life Coach, Astuti catalyzes the inner journey for go-getters worldwide in shifting success into fulfilment. She guides her clients working through emotional crisis and facilitates a deep process to align their conscious and subconscious minds, so they connect deeper with their heart and body, where fulfilment originates.


Martha and Alexandra are a mother-daughter dynamic duo and the founders of the “Ever-Evolving Women’s Global Community”. As international life mentors and inspirational speakers, Martha and Alexandra are passionate about helping people be grounded, gain confidence, and build trust in their relationships. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are the calls?

  • Each session lasts one hour. 


2. Where are the calls held?

  • We will be using Zoom. A reminder will be sent to your email the day before. 


3. What if I cannot attend a session?

  • If you can't attend the expert talk, I'll send you a recording the next day and any resources given by the expert. 

  • Unfortunately, I will not record the sharing session to protect what the members share. 


4. Do I have to pay for the times I do not attend?

  • Yes, it is a membership plan which encourages you to show up to the calls. However, you can cancel the membership at any time. 


5. What if I no longer want to join the circle?

  • You can write an email to Marisa at ms@marisasim, and she will cancel your subscription plan the next month. 

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