Join The Challenge this September!
Monday 21st - Sunday 27th September 2020

Hi Mamas,


Now that your kids are back at nursery and school! It’s time to focus a little more on YOU again. Let’s get back on track and reset our health after the summer holidays. Join the challenge to:


1) Make yourself a priority 

2) Try new healthy habits

3) Start a self-care routine 

There’s why I am hosting a FREE Self Care Challenge for Mothers! In 7 days, we will take one simple, healthy habit together to look after ourselves and help us feel GOOD. 

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Every day you will receive an email on what to do that day, and I will also invite you to a private Facebook group where you can share your experience with the rest of the mothers taking the challenge. That way, we can motivate each other to complete a healthy habit! :)


This includes…

  • Staying hydrated—a simple but super valuable habit

  • Reconnecting with your body—get moving so you will feel energised

  • Getting a good night’s sleep- affects the immunity and stress level

  • Managing your thoughts- which can help to destress and feel less anxiety


Does that sound good to you? Show yourself some love and reset your health! 

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